Flower Program
905 372 8687
Cobourg Union Cemetery is known for its beautiful flowers beside the monuments. These flowers are floral tributes by families to their loved ones. They may be cared for by the families and for your convenience there is this Flower Program by which the Cemetery will provide their care.

The cost of this care is minimal and provides watering, fertilizing and removing faded blooms up until Labour day.  Many customers find it convenient for the Cemetery to also purchase the flower pots and place them at the grave each spring. Please arrange with the Cemetery if you desire either of these services. For convenience afterwards the service continues automatically until we are notified to cease.

Hints for the flower pots:

Use a 12" flower pot. The pots must be this size to hold enough water and our stands are built for a 12" pot. Fibre and mache pots work the best. Clay pots are fine but quite heavy and not necessary.

Do not use plastic pots. The sun heats the plastic so much that it burns the roots and shrinks the soil which leaves a gap between the soil and the pot that never recovers. Afterwards the water runs right through the gap instead of soaking the soil.
Leave room in the pot for water. If the pot is filled too high with soil then the waters just pours off the pot instead of collecting and soaking the pot. Leave a good inch of room for enough water.
Plant the pots full. There should be enough foliage to shade the roots. One or two geraniums with nothing else won't suffice. Here is a photo of a few nicely planted pots.

We manufacture this type of stand for sale at the Cemetery. They are sized for the monuments and are very stable and attractive. The stands are a one time purchase. When you purchase them they are yours and you may take them home for winter. If you leave them here they will be put into storage after Thanksgiving and stay in storage until your pots arrive in spring.
There are to be no artificial decorations of any type through summer. This includes non floral decorations also.
There are to be no appendages or anything else attached to the monuments.