Mr. Thomas Dumble, Jr. was largely responsible for the idea of a non-denominational cemetery but had only succeeded in getting the proposition well organized and underway when, through the result of an accident on the C.P.R., his body was the first to rest in the consecrated ground now known as the Union Cemetery.
From this humble beginning has grown the present organization which with more than 135 years of unbroken experience to its credit is seeking to administer the cemetery needs of the public of Cobourg and the communities adjacent.
History of Cobourg Union Cemetery
Cemetery founders included Dr. Beatty, Thomas Dumble, George Stephens, A. Fraser, J. Sutherland, J.C. Field, Thomas Gillbard and A.S. Kennedy. The undertaking was promoted and financed largely by public subscription and sale of lots.
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An historical section from 1869
The cemetery is operated solely for the benefit of the public and is non-profit. All monies received are employed solely for administration and the benefit of the cemetery under the charge of the Cemetery Trustees or in meeting the needs of the community for further burial space as population increases.

In 1942, the Cemetery instituted its Perpetual Care Plan.  Perpetual Care funds suffice to keep the grounds and the graves neat and the grass cut, but do not provide for any other services.  The new Act changed the Perpetual Care Plan to the Care and Maintenance Fund and legislated an increase to 40% of the sale price and also a trusting of money for each and every marker or monument installation.  Contracts for purchases and interments must now be signed for by the purchasers.  Controls for monument standards have been enforced because of the increased liability and license fees have been attached to all interments.

A complete record is kept of all interments and sales and the Cemetery has computerized its records for better preservation.

The Cemetery is 20 acres of which 15 are currently in use.  Within our beautiful landscape we offer single, double and triple burial plots. In addition to our traditional in-ground burials we offer Columbaria, a Memorial Wall and Memorial Trees for the disposition and memorialization of cremated remains.

There are currently 9000 burials in 3800 lots.