Cobourg Union Cemetery is known for its beautiful flowers beside the monuments. These flowers are floral tributes by families to their loved ones. They may be cared for by the families and for your convenience there is a program by which the Cemetery will provide their care. More on this program here.

To keep the cemetery beautiful, a decoration policy has been established - details are available below.

  • Only summer flowers in pots, no plantings at monuments
  • No artificial decorations
  • Can mark birthdays, anniversaries temporarily
  • Please don't bring glass and rocks

Below are some examples of the flower decorations.


Decoration Policy

Through summer, only live flowers in proper stands are permitted.

Artificial decorations are permitted after Halloween until the end of April. Artificial decorations must be removed before the end of April or they will be disposed of by the staff.

Solar lights, flags etc are considered artificial decorations and are permitted only after Halloween.

All summer flower pots are to be at the head of the graves in row with monuments regardless of wherever flat markers may be. This is to facilitate cutting and movement of machinery.

Shrubs may be planted after first obtaining permission from the cemetery. Families should know that shrubs must stay small and not exceed their own lot limits. The families are responsible for trimming and the shrubs will be removed once they are too large or unsightly.

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